Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First days of class

We have had two classes, each for 8 hours. These students are willing to go long hours just to get the information that will be helpful to them in the work they are doing. The course this week is social work research. It is not nearly as much fun to teach or to learn as the skills courses we taught last time we were here. Yesterday was mostly lecture and this morning the three Baylor interns presented their research designs to the class. This afternoon the students started working on their own designs.
We thoroughly enjoy being with our family here. They are such a loving, caring group and so good to us. Last night some of their friends came over for dinner and then we watched one of the movies the Marti & Vern Sauter sent with us. It was an old western that they seemed to enjoy. One of the boys chose what to watch but Danik, the youngest, has been promised he can choose tonight. He is deciding between Wall E and Wizard of Oz. He is a little worried about the witch in Oz so we will see what he decides.
The weather here is not as cold as some days we have had in Waco this winter. I think it right around freezing most of the day. Today it has been either raining or snow flurries most of the day. The snow is not sticking to the ground but the Baylor students were excited to see the snow falling.
I think we are about to get on Moldovan time. We both woke up about 4:00 this morning but were able to get back to sleep and then weren't ready to get up at 7 when the alarm went off. Hopefully, the jet lag has passed.

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