Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

We have had a very quiet, restful weekend. We spent most of Saturday reading, writing, doing cross-stitch, and napping. We had Lucia good cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Lucia, Alex, Maria, and Danny went to the market and then to McDonalds. Danny is like lots of children and loves McDonalds—mostly for the toy!

About 1:00 Alex came to our room and said “We have opportunity for steak. You want?” When we said yes he said “About 2:00.” So, on Moldovan times it was ready about 2:30. We had steak, potatoes, green beans, potato salad, and rice with carrots. Lucia told us they only eat meat when they have barbecue sauce to put on it. We brought a huge bottle from Sam’s Club and it will probably to gone by the time we go home.

Daniel was really feeling good and being silly (guess McDonalds got to him!). For lunch he wanted potatoes, ketchup, mayonnaise, and honey mixed together! He told his mother something in Russian. She laughed and said when Daniel wants to be sarcastic he calls me “Your Majesty.” He is such a cute little guy and just lots of fun. He and Preston play a game at every meal about who is going to sit by Genie. Daniel loves to tease and be teased.

We had apple crepes with homemade whipped cream for breakfast this morning. Lucia made the crepes and Maria peeled and cooked the apples. For lunch we the borsch. Alex told us it was Ukrainian borsch but he didn’t know the difference in Ukrainian borsch and any other. Lucia said she is likes the ingredients in her soups all to be the same size and thickness. Not only is she a good cook she is a very particular one.

Today we went to their church again. Every Sunday the service is different, Even though we can’t understand we can tell the form is different! Today they had a visiting preacher who is from the college where we are teaching. In fact his wife teaches social work and was in our class the first week. He didn’t preach but 30 minutes so to make up for it they had about five selections of special music.

We met a Baylor alum who lived in Moldova previously and has just come back. His name is Mark Dalton and he is from Dallas. He majored in economics and knows Steve Gardner. We are going to have dinner with him one night and talk some more. Alex had told us about him and that he would be back before we left. Alex has a Baylor notebook we gave him the last time we were here and he said when Mark saw it he couldn’t believe his eyes. He asked Alex where in the world he got it. Mark was very surprised to see something from Baylor in Chisinau!

Monday and Tuesday our grad students will teach the undergrad Romanian students so those days will be much easier for us. They will finish on Tuesday and we will teach the rest of the week.

We hope to listen to the Lady Bears tonight as they play Texas. Since the game is at 2:00 there it will be 10 pm here. When they play at 7 pm we aren’t willing to get up at 3 am to cheer them on!

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